Controversial tweet from Atlas linked to the Nazi character left funny memes on social networks, despite his apology

Atlas players during the 2023 Opening of the MX League.

Photo: Simon Barber/Getty Images

Social networks played a trick on Atlas, a team that with a message linked to a Nazi character, he earned many negative comments, and although he apologized for said message, the memes They took over the internet thus leaving funny reactions.

On Twitter, the whole of Guadalajara responded to the well-known influencer Werevertomorro, who had initially said that the Atlas team was privileged against New York City in the corresponding match of the Leagues Cup. In said answer, it was when he spoke about Paul Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Minister and right-hand man of Adolf Hitler.

“This shot is crystal clear, offside happens on the first play. It is unfortunate how "influencers" and "analysts" media people manipulate by generating ideas of "supposed aid", but remembering what Goebbels, Nazi Minister of Information (Hitler's right hand man) said) who apply it perfectly: "lie, lie, lie that something will remain, the bigger a lie, the more people will believe it," the post said, and then directly tagged the content creator.

After said message made by Atlas, the negative reactions against the Guadalajara team were present against him, to the point where they apologized and even deleted said tweet from the mentioned social network.

Apology from Atlas after his message linked to Nazi culture

“At Atlas FC We deeply regret the confusion that the use of a sensitive and unnecessary reference in a tweet of this morning could have caused.

“We reject and are against any value that This regime was presented in one of the darkest times of humanity. It is precisely what should be avoided in all aspects.

“We will open the relevant investigations to understand the origin of the tweet and we will act accordingly internally. We call for fair play also off the pitch, where we all add to the show, coexistence and the development of our football”read a statement released on social networks.

Memes about the Atlas controversy

However, despite the apology made by the team's press corps, Social networks worked their magic and in various images and videos you can see how soccer fans did not forgive the Guadalajara team.

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