Content creator visited the emblematic 'Cholesterol Palace', discover the value of a snack

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The content creators bought a bite of a historic gastronomic site in the capital - Ipes credits

He Nemesio Camacho Stadium El Campin, nicknamed 'the colossus of 57' by some of its loyal followers, is the place where the Independiente Santa Fe and Millonarios FC teams play their host games in both the local league and their international competitions. The capital's home of football usually has the also emblematic surroundings Cholesterol Palacea place created since 1962 to accompany the gastronomic delights of football lovers.

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The Cholesterol Palace is a place where they have sold for more than 60 years Creole food popularly known as 'fritanga', it is for this reason that it ended up becoming a reference in the capital's culture, precisely the creator of digital content Bogoeats He visited the emblematic place and ordered one of the house specialties, the Picada.

The place chosen inside was the 'Don Carlos asadero', a business with almost the same validity as the Cholesterol Palace and that has been in business for three generations. The bite chosen by the content creators was one of chorizo, meat, Creole potato and blood sausageAccording to the video the price may fluctuate between $25,000 and 35,000 pesos depending on the size and ingredients chosen.

Tour in the Cholesterol Palace - Bogoeats credits

Fritanga, a term that comes from the word “fritar,” is a culinary practice that has remained in force for generations in Colombia. Its origins date back to indigenous and Afro-Colombian roots, which led to the creation of a rich variety of fried foods and fried dishes that endure today.

This culinary tradition has become an essential part of Colombian identity and has spread throughout the country. From the Caribbean coast to the Andes mountains and the Amazon jungle, fritanga is a link that connects Colombians to their roots.

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