Conor Burns: Liz Truss expels a member of her Government for “inappropriate conduct” with a young man during the conservative congress | International

Conor Burns, former Secretary of State for Trade in the United Kingdom, during a press conference on July 8 in Guernsey.Andrew Matthews – PA Images (PA Images via Getty Images)

Liz Truss cannot afford another storm in her eventful tenure as Prime Minister. She has decided to act decisively upon learning of her accusations against her Secretary of State for Commerce, Conor Burns. She has been expelled from the Government and from the conservative parliamentary group, until she concludes the open investigation against him in the party for “inappropriate conduct”.

According to the daily tabloid The Sun, Burns was denounced by a third party when he was abusing a young man during the Conservative Party congress held this week in Birmingham. “Once the complaint of serious conduct was known, the Prime Minister has asked Deputy Conor Burns to leave the Government immediately. The Prime Minister has acted directly as soon as she has learned of the accusations, to make it clear that all members of the Executive must maintain the highest standards of conduct, as the public expects of them, ”Downing Street said in a statement. .

Over this alleged new scandal hovers the shadow of the pincher case, which hastened the fall of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Chris Pincher was accused of attempting to grope the genitals of two young men during a drunken night at one of the “gentlemen only” clubs that some members of the Conservative Party like to frequent. It was not the first episode of this style, and Johnson knew the adventures of his collaborator when he decided to promote him to a position of responsibility in the parliamentary group.

His successor, Truss, has wanted to take advantage of the Burns incident to distance himself from the tolerance shown by Johnson in cases like this, in which he intended to dispel the seriousness of the matter with a joke ―”pincher by name, pincher by nature”; pinch by name [esa podría ser una traducción de pincher], pinch by nature”, the then prime minister came to joke about the episodes about the deputy that had already reached his ears.

Burns already had to resign as a member of the Government in 2020, during the Johnson era, when the parliamentary Ethics Committee accused him of having made veiled threats to a third person, in clear abuse of his position, to favor his father in a dispute law on a loan. The still deputy has assured the newspaper The Sun that he will collaborate in the investigation to “clear his good name”.

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