Congress of Peru prevents Pedro Castillo from visiting Mexico

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The Peruvian Congress rejected the president's request Pedro Castillo to travel to Mexico in the next few daysin the third request denied by mostly opposition legislators so that the president can go abroad.

Castillo, who maintains a strong political struggle with Congress, saw his permission to travel and participate in the XVII Presidential Summit of the Pacific Alliance rejected with 58 votes against and 51 in favor. to be held in Mexico City.

At the appointment, the transfer to Peru of the Pro Tempore Presidency of this regional integration initiative made up of Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Luis Ángel Aragón, from Acción Popular, argued that this is not the right time for the trip, given the seriousness of the problems facing the country.

Ernesto Bustamante, from Fuerza Popular, said that Castillo does not "deserve" to go to the event in Mexico, for 'moral incapacity'.

ANDn another vote, the Legislature did accept the president's travel request to Santiago de Chile, with 77 votes in favor and 35 against, to participate on November 28 and 29 in a fourth meeting of the cabinets of ministers of Peru and Chile .

Some legislators argued that Castillo's trip was not convenient to Mexico while facing investigations of alleged corruption, and a few days after the arrival in Lima, on November 20, of a mission from the Organization of American States (OAS) requested by the president to carry out an "objective" analysis of the political crisis in the country.

Congress in October denied Castillo a tour of Europe, which included a visit to the Pope, and earlier in August refused permission for him to attend the president's inauguration in Colombia.

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