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The Congress of the Republic of Peru approved on Wednesday to censure the Minister of the Interior, Vicente Romero, because in the opinion of parliamentarians there is an increase in citizen insecurity.


They ask for justice for journalists injured in 2020 protests in Peru

The parliamentary decision had 75 votes in favor, 25 against and 13 abstentions. Following the decision, Minister Vicente Romero will have to resign from office and the Peruvian president, Dina Boluarte, will have to accept her resignation without objection and within 72 hours later appoint a new head of the Interior portfolio.

During the debate, the majority of parliamentarians questioned the outgoing Minister of the Interior about the strategies he uses to stop the advance of crime in the country.

The question was raised by parliamentarians from the left and right benches.

Prior to the decision via parliamentary vote in Plenary, the now censured Minister of the Interior had announced the extension of the state of emergency for 60 days in the Lima districts of San Juan de Lurigancho and San Martín de Porres. Likewise, the authority specified that in this extension the restriction from 12:00 am to 4:00 am is removed.

The measure taken by the Ministry of the Interior could do little with the criminal activity that gangs have in the Lima districts subject to the state of emergency.

Romero faced a motion of censure that merged those presented by left and right benches. The parliamentarians questioned the strategy used by the minister to stop the advance of crimes in the country. One of them consisted of the hasty creation of police units specialized in organized crime.

Congressman Fernando Rospigliosi alleged that the measures adopted by Romero were clearly ineffective, since in his opinion the Lima municipalities declared in emergency together record one murder every day.

At the moment, it is expected that Vicente Romero will present his resignation and that the Executive Branch will appoint a new Minister of the Interior.

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