Congress of Guerrero receives the second government report from Evelyn Salgado

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He Congress of the state of Guerrero received the second government report of the Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda.

The Secretary General of the Government, Ludwig Marcial Reynoso Núñez, delivered the report to the heads of the Board of Directors of the local congress, Leticia Mosso Hernández, and the president of the Political Coordination Board, Yoloczin Domínguez Serna.

At this event, the official said that the report details the progress that has been made in terms of austerity and that has had an impact on reducing poverty.

Immediately, the Secretary of Finance and Administration, Raymundo Segura Estrada, delivered the Fiscal Package for Fiscal Year 2024which contemplates raising public revenues for 81,752 million pesos, 7 percent more than the amount authorized for this year.

He said that a transparent, effective and honest distribution is sought in which social programs, social development and the most vulnerable groups are prioritized.

A responsible, realistic and equitable proposal was formed, attached to the federal Economic Package, verifying proportionality and equity, which must prevail under a solid scheme that allows an adequate budget balance, under the commitment to exercise them in an efficient and effective manner. "transparent, honest and austere," said Segura Estrada during the delivery of the project.

He clarified that the Fiscal Package is made up of the Draft Expenditure Budget, the Income Law of the State of Guerrero for Fiscal Year 2024, the Decree by which various provisions of Law Number 419 of the State Treasury are reformed, added and repealed. of Guerrero, the General Income Law for the Municipalities of the State of Guerrero, the Decree by which Various Provisions of the Tax Code of the State of Guerrero are Reformed, Added and Repealed.

According to what is projected, the aim is to strengthen gender equality policies, allocate more resources to groups with greater inequalities and strengthen the areas of education, health and public safety.

It was reported that no new taxes are created and a fiscal stimulus is established for 50 percent delinquent taxpayers from fiscal years 2019 to 2023, "as long as the payment is made during the first three months of fiscal year 2024."

This formal event was also attended by the Secretary of Planning and Regional Development, René Vargas Pineda; the president of the Budget and Public Accounts Commission, Estrella De la Paz Bernal; the president of the Finance Commission, Bernardo Ortega Jiménez, among others.


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