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The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved on Sunday to extend for another 30 days the exceptional regime that prevails in the country, after the request made by President Nayib Bukele, as part of his war against the gangs and criminal gangs that operate in the city. Central American nation.


President of El Salvador asks to extend the emergency regime

Some 67 pro-government legislators voted in favor of the decree, while a large part of the opposition congressmen were absent. With the extension, the decree will be in force until May 27.

President Bukele explained that the Salvadoran Constitution requires that the emergency regime must be approved by two thirds of the deputies (58 of the 84 legislators) and three quarters (63 of the 84) to approve it in its entirety.

“And it was approved by more, by 67 of the 84 (80% of the deputies). The definition of democracy, ”said the ruler on his Twitter account.

The Assembly specified that the emergency regime has been key in the war against gangs, leaving important results such as the capture of more than 16,000 terrorists. “To ensure peace and tranquility in the country, we approved a decree that will allow the Government to provide the necessary tools to continue the fight against these criminal groups, which have caused so much mourning to thousands of families,” he added.

With the decree, in addition to suspending constitutional guarantees, it includes the Temporary Special Regime for the Acquisition of Goods and Services by the State.

On March 25 and 27, gang clashes left 87 dead, according to authorities. Faced with the increase in their criminal activity, the Salvadoran head of state declared war on them and asked Congress, controlled by the ruling party, to decree an emergency regime.

The Legislative Assembly approved the decree on March 27 and with this regulation, arrests without a court order are allowed and a reform was made to punish gang members with up to 45 years in prison.

The state of exception can be declared in cases of war, invasion of territory, rebellion, sedition, catastrophe, epidemic and other general calamities, according to the Magna Carta, but it only allows its application for 30 days that can be extended.

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