Confrontation leaves at least 18 dead in Putumayo Colombia

Confrontation leaves at least 18 dead in Putumayo, Colombia | News

Human rights defenders demanded this Sunday greater security in the department of Putumayo, in southwestern Colombia, where on Saturday there was a confrontation between illegal armed gangs that left at least 18 dead.


New massacre reported in southwestern Colombia

The Putumayo Peasant Human Rights Network stated in a statement that guerrilla and narco-paramilitary groups had a dispute in a rural area of ​​the José María Hernández sector, in the municipality of Puerto Guzmán.

The confrontation, in addition to the fatalities, caused the forced displacement of some 30 families towards the town of José María Hernández, added the non-governmental organization (NGO).

Faced with these disputes between illegal gangs, which take place in the midst of the civilian population, the network demanded the presence of the State “to comply with the verification, prevention, and protection mechanisms for peasant families at high risk, a consequence of these confrontations.” systematic and structural.

The Ombudsman’s Office, for its part, issued a statement in which it indicated that it participated in an extraordinary security council convened by the authorities of the municipality of Puerto Guzmán, where it expressed its concern over the unfortunate events that occurred on Saturday.

He ratified that 18 men died in the confrontation between the self-styled “Border Commandos” and the first front “Carolina Ramírez” of the dissidents of the demobilized Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

“The Ombudsman, through the Putumayo Regional, requested the presence of the Public Force and the Prosecutor’s Office in the area, as well as the creation of the Subcommittee on Prevention, Protection and Guarantees of Non-Repetition, and an Expanded Territorial Committee of Transitional Justice to review the risk factors and threats in the rural area of ​​said municipality,” the text added.

The Ombudsman recalled that on other occasions it has called on these illegal armed groups to show gestures of peace that allow the progress of the total peace talks that the government of President Gustavo Petro has been proposing.