Conformist and finished: Mexican fans attacked Héctor Herrera for going to the United States and they don’t want him in El Tri

Mexican soccer player Héctor Herrera will leave Atlético de Madrid at the end of the season.

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images

Héctor Herrera surprised locals and strangers alike with his arrival in the MLS. The Houston Dynamo announced the signing of the Mexican soccer player until 2024, with the option to renew until 2025. “HH” will leave Atlético de Madrid at the end of this seasona decision that Mexican fans are beginning to criticize, even with the intention of excluding him from El Tri.

The Aztec midfielder was not having much regularity with the “Colchonero” team. However, Herrera had had a couple of good presentations with the Spanish team. But this was not enough to stay at Atlético de Madrid for another year.

Nevertheless, The arrival of “HH” in the MLS was not to the liking of Mexican soccer fans. Many believe that his transfer to the United States will be detrimental to his career.

Throught social media they compared the career of “HH” with that of Andrés Guardado. Unlike Herrera, the “Little Prince” is four years older, but he has managed to stay in football in Europe despite not having anything concrete for his future. As a counterpart, there is the case of Javier Hernández, a striker who also left Spanish football to go to the MLS, one of the factors that calls into question the value of their goals.

Social networks overflowed with criticism of Héctor Herrera

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