Conflict in Ukraine revives NATO

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Fernando A. Mora Guillen.

  • Conflict in Ukraine revives NATO.
  • They endorse an agreement to avoid non-payment by the United States.
  • Nearshoring engine of Economy.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine gave new life to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), four years after Emmanuel Macron declared the organization dead due to differences within it, today the President of France assures that Vladimir Putin gave an electric shock to the organization to bring it to life.

Macron calls for the member states of the European Union to discuss deeper cooperation to acquire their own capabilities and guarantee their own security. Thus, he invited the European Defense Secretaries to address regional conflicts and actions to be taken at the European Union Conference, to be held on June 19.

Macron stressed that this is not the time to replace NATO; However, the European Union must take care of building a Powerful Europe, based on a defense structure led by France and Germany.

Take it carefully.- Lawmakers approved this week in the House of Representatives, raising the US debt ceiling for two years, thus avoiding an economic default that would be devastating according to financial analysts.

After a revolt in which the Republicans threatened not to approve the agreement, a bipartisan coalition aligned itself to support the initiative negotiated with the Joe Biden administration. The project will allow the Federal Government to request loans for unlimited amounts as necessary, to guarantee the payment of obligations for the next two years.

Take it with Interest.- Given the slowdown that will affect the United States in the coming months, the manufacturing sector points to nearshoring as an engine to counteract the impact that the economic brake will bring.

Given the scenario, the Manufacturing Sector should be key to growth, especially taking advantage of the possible arrival of investments due to the relocation of industries from Asia to the region. Long-term investments may be viable, if differences with our trading partners, the United States and Canada, are addressed. Analysts hope that agreements will be reached within the framework of the T-MEC, and the application of tariffs to Mexican export products will be avoided, which could slow down this alternative for our economy.

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