Conflict at the University of Hidalgo arises due to “good faith” on both sides

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Parista students of the Institute of Arts (IDA) They rejected the proposal he made the rector of the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (UAEH), Octavio Castillo Acostato start a dialogue, in which the mediator would be Governor Julio Menchaca Salazar.

Initially, the rector distributed a letter addressed to the president, in which he accepted that he was a mediator, but asked that there be an act of “good faith” on the part of the students, consisting of releasing four institutes in which classes were suspended since Wednesday due to the presence of paristas.

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Furthermore, he offered, as an “act of good faith,” stop any sanctioning act against studentsas well as establishing a recovery mechanism so that they do not lose the semester, after they have been unemployed since August 28.

In the afternoon, the students peacefully recovered the IDA facilities, which on Tuesday were forcibly taken over by members of the UAEH, while His colleagues were repressed in the Abasolo Central buildingwhich initially the paristas took by force.

Outside the IDA, the students reported that there was no violence in the recovery of the property and that they entered through the parking area, where trucks that were inside began to leave.

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Once inside, they said, they asked the cleaning staff and other workers who were still in the place to leave so they could take the place, to which they agreed.

Finally, they opened the main door of the IDA through which the university students entered.

When questioned about the UAEH rector's proposal for dialogue, The paristas refused to dialogue with a repressive rector and they refused to grant their requests.

“In good faith we tell you that the strikes will not end until there is true autonomy in this university”

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