Conference on nation and emigration meets in Cuba | News

Conference on nation and emigration meets in Cuba | News
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The IV Conference The Nation and Emigration was inaugurated this Saturday in Havana, Cuba, with the presence of more than 400 delegates from around 50 countries, with the aim of discussing links with their country of origin, immigration issues and culture, identity, and economic development.


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The beginning of the meeting, which was attended by Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel, coincides with the 45th anniversary of the first dialogue with the Cuban community abroad, promoted by Fidel Castro in 1978.

During the opening, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, said: “This conference constitutes a fortunate and unequivocal example of the continuous and irreversible strengthening of the ties between Cuba and its nationals abroad, the result of the dialogue that began in November 1978. , promoted by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.”

According to national media, this IV Conference is being held after 19 years without being able to hold the event, and has among its attendees both young people and older people from many places on the planet, but now with the characteristic that thanks to the modifications of immigration policy, half of the participants, although they do not live in Cuba, maintain Cuban residence.

According to the island's chancellor, this meeting has the intention of "reflecting and exchanging on important issues of the nation, based on unrestricted respect for the sovereignty and independence of the homeland and the common will to continue strengthening and diversifying our ties."

“In Cuba there is the maternal substance, the origin, the essence, there is the people and there is History, which belongs to all Cubans. Our Cubanness is nourished from the bowels of the Island, which is Cubanness and awareness of what we are and what we want to be, and from here the strength of the nation and Cuban culture emanates,” added Rodríguez Parrilla.

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