Concern about fate of the SCOP Center; Mexican Muralism park

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The art historian Joaquín Diez-Canedo Novelo and the architect Graciela Díaz del Barrio demanded that the federal Secretariats of Culture (SC), Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) and the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL), which headed by Alejandra Frausto, Jorge Nuño and Lucina Jiménez, respectively, report what will be the definitive project that will shape the Mexican Muralism Park in the current SCOP Center and clarify the reasons why the land use of the complex was modified.

“We are concerned that it will open the door for a percentage of the land to be allocated to commercial areas that currently do not exist and that would modify the nature of public property,” he told Excelsior Diez-Canedo Novelo, who confirmed that, so far, no authority has been transparent.

Have Lucina Jiménez or Alejandra Frausto contacted you at any time to clarify these issues? Diez-Canedo Novelo was asked. "Of course not. As there are several instances involved, in some way they throw the ball around. "So there is no way to get complete information, so we find ourselves in a Bermuda Triangle where there is opacity and haze regarding everything."

Díaz del Barrio raised the importance of clarifying the destiny of the SCOP Center and its nature, since this complex, as an architectural project, was articulated as the headquarters of offices for the federal government and spaces for recreation, housing and social assistance services for workers. of the SICT and questioned that federal authorities should know what type of public space
they are viewing.

Furthermore, Diez-Canedo Novelo emphasized that the biggest problem that the initiative encounters regarding this issue is that there is no transparency about the project. “The declaration is an important step, but somehow several projects have been announced in many media and it is not clear which one is definitive. So the initiative is concerned about the lack of certainty and information, because we do not know what will happen to the murals.

"Because, although (the declaration) does say that (the murals) will remain in their place on the block, and we do not doubt that this will be the case, what we do doubt is that they will remain in their original position, thus It would change its plastic reading, therefore, it would be important to ask what the patrimonial defense is if the plastic reading is going to change. And I would add to tell INBAL that heritage is not only the pictorial surfaces, but also the urban and architectural ideas with which the space was conceived,” Diez-Canedo concluded.

The data

plastic reading

  • If the SCOP Center murals change their position and the original space for which they were conceived is not respected, the visual interpretation and heritage would be modified.

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