Conacyt: repression and empiricism

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Ruben Cortes.

The commissioners of an authoritarian government would have been expected to be in coercive agencies by nature, but not in Conacyt. But Conacyt requested prison for 31 academics and prohibits scholarships to those who participate in politics, or want to have children.

That is to say, the political commissioners are in Conacyt. But not only the political commissars, but also some of the least prepared officials, even though it is the National Council for Science and Technology.

It is impossible to forget her first appointments, such as that of Edith Arrieta as deputy director of the Intersecretarial Commission for Biosafety and Genetically Modified Organisms, even though she had studied Fashion Design at the Jannette Klein University.

And of María Chávez García as Administrative Secretary of the Sectorial Fund, even though her highest level of education is high school and her business career was "having been a lingerie demonstrator for the Vicky Form and Carnival Creations Mexico brands."

Or David Alexir Ledesma as deputy director and coordinator of communication and strategic information, although he was a Communications intern and his work experience was having been an editor at the Jenaro Villamil news portal and assistant to Dolores Padierna.

Those were some of the appointments with which Conacyt began that government. However, he threw the dogs at those who were indeed people of science, by asking the FGR for arrest warrants for 31 academics for "organized crime and money laundering."

In addition, he accepted that what was revealed by THE UNIVERSAL: which contemplates suspending economic support for students who participate in political demonstrations, as well as scholarship holders who become pregnant, have given birth or postpartum.

But it is not a decision of Conacyt, since its director has no voice or vote in that body. It is an official guideline, requiring officials to have 90 percent "honesty" and 10 percent "experience."

The president explains: "Now to understand us, there are those who have a lot of experience, they have even graduated from foreign universities, they even have doctorates, but they are dishonest, and what matters most to us is honesty."

Earlier this month, a member of the President's Assistant was appointed to the General Directorate of Criminal Analysis in the Ministry of Public Security. Already 16 more of the Assistantship had been promoted to high government posts.

That is, the ordinance of the president is complied with. Hence, it is logical to suspend economic support for Conacyt students who participate in political demonstrations that, in fact, will be contrary to the government.

"Either you are with the transformation or you are against the transformation of the country," said the president. Better that Conacyt scholars understand it.

Well, behave yourself, friends.

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