Complaints of child sexual abuse increase in Paraguay | News


The Paraguayan Attorney General’s Office reported this Sunday the registration of 2,380 complaints of child sexual abuse from January to August of this year, among a total of 3,860 punishable acts against children and adolescents in the country, according to a report reviewed by media local.


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The Prosecutor’s Office of the South American nation also warned about 934 cases of mistreatment under guardianship and 546 rapes during the period.

According to the document, “the most reported (crimes) are child sexual abuse, mistreatment and child pornography,” through the Complaints Office of the Public Ministry.

To a lesser extent, the report states, they receive cases of rape, human trafficking, sexual abuse of persons under guardianship, pimping, sexual acts against minors, and others of a similar nature.

Likewise, the more than 18,000 victims of child sexual abuse treated during the last seven years stand out negatively, with special mention for the 3,284 in 2019 and the danger of a growing trend.

The document clarifies with complete certainty that the presumed decrease in 2020, with 2,672 complaints, was due solely to the most acute period of the pandemic when children were locked up at home for quarantine and disconnected from support networks.

The most active and responsible people in these complaints are mostly teachers, relatives and circles of friends, among other close actors, reports the Prosecutor’s Office.

Recently, the Ministry of Children and Adolescents (Minna) of Paraguay launched the communication and awareness campaign We Are All Responsible on the importance of helping to prevent or report these crimes to society, with emphasis on the text “The abuser destroys lives. Child and adolescent sexual abuse is a crime.

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