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Juan Valencia Hinestrasa, a renowned leader who served as president of the Community Action Board of the Villatina - La Esperanza neighborhood, in Colombia, was murdered with a knife, in the middle of an altercation with another subject, reported the Institute of Studies for the Development and Peace (Indepaz).


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According to local media reports, the events occurred around 10:00 a.m. (local time) last Saturday, in a home located on Carrera 13 and Calle 55.

Hinestrasa, 65 years old, appeared at the scene accompanied by his son. In this space, they had a discussion with Juan David Silgado Baena, 19, to whom they rented the apartment. He pulled out a knife and wounded father and son.

Minutes after the attack, several people attacked Silgado with a firearm and a sharp knife. In total, he had 6 gunshot wounds and 3 stab wounds. The identity of those responsible for the homicide is still unknown.

According to Indepaz, the Ombudsman's Office has issued circulars AT 032/20 and AT 019/23, documents in which it is reported that the permanence of the risk in the area against social activists has been evident, with a tendency to exacerbate it.

The entity indicates that it arises "as a consequence of the persistence of the actions of armed groups, presumed responsible for threats and other serious violations against black communities, human rights defenders, and social leaders."

With the murder of Hinestrasa, there are 17 homicides of adults over 60 years of age, in the city of Medellín, so far in 2023. In this same town, previously, they ended the life of Diego Augusto Gutiérrez Hernández, 73 years old of age, and Rogelio Antonio Pareja Marulanda, 72.

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