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A Peruvian government commission, headed by the Prime Minister, Aníbal Torres, arrived in the province of Chumbivilcas and after almost four hours of negotiations, five agreements were reached that allow the blockade to be lifted on an important communication route, which had been blocked since the 27th. last January.


They denounce coup attempts against the president of Peru

Another of the agreements is that the Government of Pedro Castillo will coordinate meetings with the Constitutional Court and the Judiciary, together with the presidents of the communities and their lawyer, congressmen from Cusco and the Regional Government of Cusco, to seek legal solutions to the conflict. in the mining area.

Likewise, the Government undertakes to follow up on the Environmental Impact Study (MEIA) of the Las Bambas company before the National Environmental Certification Service for Sustainable Investments (Senace), to objectively establish the area of ​​direct influence ( AID) of the mining company.

In another order, it was also agreed that the Government will issue a ministerial resolution to establish, within a maximum period of 30 days, a specific working group for the communities of Sayhua, Tahuay, Ccapacmarca and Huascabamba, with the participation of the Executive and the mining company. .

For its part, the Las Bambas company, at the center of the protest, will consider the communities of the Ccapacmarca district through which the Southern Mining Corridor passes, as an area of ​​social and environmental interest, which will involve contributions for the implementation of sustainable development.

Aníbal Torres said shortly before reaching the agreement: "We have come to talk and solve the problems. The company and the community members will state their rights and we are going to come to an agreement. This is a government of the people and we are all the people, so we are going to work".

The high-level commission of the Peruvian Government was made up of the President of the Council of Ministers, Aníbal Torres; the Minister of Energy and Mines, Carlos Palacios; and the Minister of Transport and Communications, Juan Silva Villegas.

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