Committee Documents Trump Conspired With Lawyer to Pressure Pence on Election Results


Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney has claimed that former President Donald Trump “dishonestly” conspired with one of his attorneys, John Eastman, to pressure former Vice President Mike Pence over the election results. The declaration was presented during the third hearing of the House of Representatives committee investigating the assault on the Capitol.

The committee held a third hearing this Thursday in which it analyzed a draft of a letter from Eastman sent to the former president in which he assures that the former vice president had the authority to overturn election results from the 2020 electionin which the current president, Joe Biden, was the winner.

This Thursday’s hearing, the third of at least seven planned by the House committee for the month of June, has focused on the internal battle within the White House during the Trump Administration on the validation or annulment of the electoral results by part of Pence.

It must be remembered that on January 4, Trump and Eastman, the former president’s right-hand man, tried to convince Pence to delay the Electoral College vote count days before a like-minded mob stormed the Capitolin Washington, which was harangued to stop what it called the “great fraud” electoral.

In a document revealed at the committee’s public hearing, Eastman asserts that Pence could have determined the electoral outcome in the “battleground” states, undermining the process established in the 12th Amendment.

“There is very strong legal authority and historical precedent for the view that the Senate president alone does the counting, including the resolution of disputed electoral votes,” Eastman himself argues in a draft letter, as has picked up the chain CNN.

Specifically, Eastman’s brief read in committee refers to the 12th Amendment, which describes that “the President of the Senate, in the presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives, will open all the certificates and then the votes will be counted“.

“Frankly, there is absolutely no support in the United States Constitution or the law for the vice president to count alternative electoral lists from states that had not been officially certified,” one of the vice president’s advisers, Michael Luttig, testified.

The chairman of the committee, Bennie Thompson, has pointed out, for his part, that the vice president prepared a statement the day before the insurrection, and the day of the riots, saying that he would not follow Trump’s orders and that he would count the votes.

In fact, the former vice president’s former attorney, Greg Jacob, has explained to the committee that the Pence’s instinct that a vice president does not have the power to select the president “was correct.”

“Our review of the text, the history and, frankly, just common sense, confirmed the vice president’s first instinct on that point. There is no justifiable basis to conclude that the vice president has that kind of authority.“, has said.

Pence, who rejected the opinion of Trump and his main allies to acknowledge a robbery at the polls, was forced to take refuge in a safe place inside the Capitol during the assault that took place on January 6, 2021.

Information from Europe Press.

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