Commission postpones discussion on the trial of the president of

Commission postpones discussion on the trial of the president of Ecuador | News

The members of the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) of the National Assembly of Ecuador decided to send the report on the impeachment of President Guillermo Lasso to the Technical Unit of Parliament before sending the text to the Constitutional Court.


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The CAL legislators requested a report on compliance with the requirements from the Legislative Technical Unit (UTL) of the National Assembly, which must be delivered within 24 hours.

The members of the legislative council are expected to meet this weekend, after receiving a response from the UTL team and continuing with the qualification of the trial request against the Ecuadorian president.

The approval of the CAL would be the first filter of the procedure to impeach the Ecuadorian president politically.

Then, the document would go to the Constitutional Court, an entity that must issue a resolution on the admissibility of the procedure against Lasso in six days.

The process to move forward in the trial against Guillermo Lasso could take about a month and a half. In order to approve the prosecution of the current Ecuadorian head of state, 92 votes will be needed, out of a total of 137 assembly members, to remove the president.

The impeachment procedure was activated on Thursday by a group of 59 assembly members, from Union for Hope (UNES), Social Christian Party (PSC), Democratic Left (ID), Pachakutik (PK), Socialist Party of Ecuador (PSE) and independent.

The request for trial against Guillermo Lasso is based on causal 2 of article 129 of the Constitution and is based on the investigation report of the case called The Great Godfather.

Guillermo Lasso is accused of the crimes of extortion and embezzlement for allegedly being responsible for an alleged corruption plot in public companies in which his brother-in-law, businessman Danilo Carrera, appears.