Commission for Dialogue plans meetings with Venezuelan sectors | News

The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, on behalf of the Commission for Dialogue and Reconciliation, announced rounds of dialogue with all political sectors and civil society in the country.


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Rodríguez reported on “an intensive round of consultations and meetings with all the opposition factors and the economic and social factors.”

At the same time, the president of the Legislative Power asserted that the dialogue should be inclusive and despite the changes in the national political map, “everyone deserves to participate.”

In this sense, Rodríguez pointed out that “we all deserve political guarantees” and stressed that the government headed by President Nicolás Maduro will ensure that said guarantees are fulfilled.

Rodríguez, who is a representative of the Government in dialogue processes, affirmed that the dialogue process began with this extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly commission for dialogue, peace and national reconciliation and, in this sense, reaffirmed the president’s idea Nicolás Maduro regarding the existence of “the need to reformat the political dialogue in Venezuela”.

Rejection of the kidnapping of Alex Saab

One of the questions after the intervention of the president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, referred to the demand for the release of Alex Saab for the continuity of the dialogue with the opposition.

The Venezuelan deputy reaffirmed that “Alex Saab is a full member of the dialogue in Venezuela and there has been no change in this regard.”

Likewise, Rodríguez maintained that Saab’s kidnapping threatens the full development of the dialogue process and that the demand for his release continues.

The businessman and diplomat Alex Saab was kidnapped in Cape Verde in October of last year and from there he was extradited to the United States.