Comet Diablo approaches Earth, in the sky of Mexico

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He Comet Diablo approaches Earth and the sky of Mexico will witness it of this celestial body that has an enormous size, three times larger than Mount Everest, the highest mountain on our planet.

According to the POTthis body is officially named 12P/Pons-Brooks and is defined by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a 'Halley' type comet.

Comet Diablo is called that way because, When seen from a swooping angle, its tail appears to be shaped like two horns. This celestial body is large, has a diameter of 30 kilometers and is cryovolcanic, which means that it is an extraterrestrial volcano composed mainly of water and ice, which is characterized by constant eruptions.

Diablo Comet in the sky of Mexico

Scientists have announced that Comet Diablo is approaching Earth and, according to estimates, will cross nearby on April 21, 2023, However, its closest approach will be two months later, on June 2.

That it is classified as 'Halley type' means that it approaches Earth approximately every 70 years.

In April 2024 it will be located just 117 million kilometers from the Sun, which will allow it to be observed when it passes over Mexico, United States and Canada.

Is it dangerous for it to pass near the Earth?

Although the nickname Devil's Comet usually scares people, scientists say that does not pose risks to the Earthis not dangerous, since its orbit will not cross ours, but rather will cross close by.

Due to its large size, the celestial body can be seen in 2024 without the need for instruments. Currently, they indicate that it can already be seen with telescopes.

Important data

  • It was initially discovered in 1812 by Jean Louis Pons, who observed its brightness in the sky of Marseille, France.
  • Then, William Robert Brooks revealed in 1883 that it was a periodic comet that visits the Earth at constant intervals.
  • Its last appearance was in 1954.
  • In April 2024 it will pass close to Earth, but its brightness will be brighter in June of the same year.
  • The comet will not return near Earth until 2095

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