Combat INM acts of extortion and corruption of its personnel


Mexico.- The National Institute of Migration (INM) of the Ministry of the Interior advances in the strategies and actions to combat and discourage extortion and corruption in the 194 points of internment by air, land and sea, as well as migration stations and strategic facilities of National territory.

As part of these tasks, surveillance and control in the immigration filters of international airports was expanded.

The use of technology and the attention of the complaints received allowed, for example, that in 2021 the Internal Control Body (OIC) of the INM was given a view of 105 alleged misconduct of public servants, with the purpose of investigating and, where appropriate, determine the applicable penalties.

On January 6, shortly before 04:00 hours, in the immigration filters of Terminal 1 of the International Airport of Mexico City, a group of foreigners originating from Venezuela, with minors in their arms, arrived until the immigration filter and handed over their passports.

When opening two of them, to verify the identity of the visitors, a Federal Migration Agent (AFM), found -in each passport- a 100 US dollar bill. When questioned, the foreigners limited themselves to saying that by mistake they left the money there; In addition, they did not meet the requirements for admission to the country and their inadmissibility and their return to the country of origin were determined.

The INM reaffirms its commitment to act with all rigor against any action that seeks to violate the Migration Law and its regulations, such as extortion and corruption.

With information from SEGOB

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