Colón and Unión had no differences in the Santa Fe classic

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Colon and Union They gave continuity to the seventh date of the League Cup with a classic full of tensions and fear of defeat. Despite having coaches who have adverse styles, the needs of both were the same: to add to stay as far as possible from the fight for relegation.

Tatengue had the first chance to open the scoring through a great assist from Jerónimo Domina toward Gonzalo Moralesbut Bull he could not break the resistance imposed on him Ignacio Chicco. The goalkeeper's saving hand prevented the visiting team from scoring.

Sabalero's response came through Ramon Wanchope Ábilawho associated with Damian Batalliniand together they dismantled the last line of the entire Kily Gonzalez. The ex Independent resolved with a cross shot, which seemed impossible for Nicolas Campisibut Franco Calderon He reacted in time to defuse the danger on the finish line. A save that was worth something.

Another occasion that was worthy of concluding on the network was the one they put together Claudio Corvalán, Mauro Luna Diale, Enzo Roldán and Kevin Zenon. A collective action that included the projection of the sides, heels, luxuries and delicate finishes that did not change the result by centimeters. An almost perfect work, given that the only detail was the regret for not having ended up celebrating.


Referee: Facundo Tello.

TV: ESPN Premium.

Stadium: Brigadier Lopez.


The last team loses the category. Arsenal does not occupy a place, since it is relegated by the average table. If there are equal points, a tiebreaker will be played.

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