Colombian soccer celebrates the release of Luis Díaz's father and asks for 'freedom for all those kidnapped'

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The organizations, teams and players linked to Colombian soccer celebrated the release of Luis Manuel Diazfather of the attacker Luis Díaz and who was kidnapped for 12 days by the National Liberation Army guerrilla (THE N).

The player's father was handed over to a humanitarian commission of the UN Mission in Colombia and the Catholic Church in the foothills of the Perijá mountain range, near the town of Barrancas, in the department of La Guajira, where he was kidnapped. on October 28, and was transferred by helicopter to Valledupar, capital of the department of Cesar.

James Rodriguezcoffee football icon and current Sao Paulo player, commented on the social network x.

Luis Manuel Díaz was finally released... We continue to ask for the immediate release of the rest of those kidnapped in Colombia.

James Rodriguez.

The Major Division of Colombian Soccer (Dimayor) celebrated 'the release of Jesús' father (Díaz, who plays for Barranquilla in the Second Division) and Luis Díaz'.

The organization also recognized the 'hard work carried out by the Military Forces, Police, the National Government and all the organizations involved to make this pleasant news for the country possible.'

For his part, the Junior from Barranquillaa club in which Díaz played between 2017 and 2019, expressed his joy for 'Mane's release' and added.

This is a victory for the family and the country. A sign that hope, unity and perseverance can overcome any adversity.

On the other hand, the National Athletic He valued the release of 'Don Luis Manuel' and asked for 'freedom for all those kidnapped'.

According to official data, 32 people have been victims of kidnapping this year by the ELN, for extortion purposes, and at least four of them remain in the hands of that guerrilla.

One of them is the dentist Juan Carlos Bayterkidnapped on October 18 in the town of El Banco, in the department of Magdalena, when he was taking his children to school, according to his wife, Helen Aranzales, who assures that that is all they know since they have not received any communication of the ELN.

(With information from EFE)

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