Colombian police shoot and wound an Embera boy | News

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The boy Elio Niasa, 10 years old, was wounded this Thursday by units of the Colombian anti-narcotics police, in the Embera La Italia indigenous reservation, located between the municipalities of Puerto Asís and Valle del Guamuez, in the south of the country.


Three people are murdered in Colombia, in the 15th massacre during 2022

The Police, who were developing terrestrial eradication processes, penetrated the Embera indigenous community without consulting them.

The police forces fired indiscriminately at the population, which caused the infant to be injured. The boy was transferred to receive medical attention, where the consequences of the injury are still being examined.

For its part, the Human Rights Network of Putumayo spoke about it through a statement in which it noted that the anti-narcotics police is "incurring a Human Rights Violation, an IHL violation and this could become a possible crime of attempted murder against the community”.

They also demanded to investigate and take administrative action against the authorities in charge of the anti-narcotics forces. In turn, support the child and her family in every way for being victims of an act of war, and establish spaces for consultation to achieve the effective substitution of the illicit use of Coca cultivation.

On the other hand, the Inter-Church Commission for Justice and Peace emphasized that the police force "totally ignores the minimum protocols for action in indigenous territories, violates human rights and the rights of boys and girls."

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