Colombian indigenous inaugurate national summit in Nariño | News


Organizations and representatives of the native peoples of Colombia will meet this April 18 in the department of Nariño to inaugurate the National Indigenous Summit to discuss security and their political and social rights.


An indigenous governor is assassinated in Chocó, Colombia

The event will take place until next Wednesday in the Guachural reservation, town of Los Pastos, Nariño, they will also present their ideas on the constitutional rights of indigenous peoples embodied in the 1991 Constitution.

Other topics to discuss will be those related to the strengthening of indigenous policy, human rights and the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

From the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca (CRIC) they urged the 139 authorities of the eleven subsidiary towns to participate in the summit to strengthen the processes of unity and the claim of collective rights.

The 1991 Constitution recognizes the ethnic multiplicity of the country and allows indigenous communities to participate in the public and political life of Colombia, allowing their entry into the Colombian Congress.

However, these populations continue to suffer from stigmatization, segregation and racism, despite the rights contemplated in the current Magna Carta.

Colombia has 102 indigenous communities, among which the Wayú people, the Embera Chocó, the Guambino peoples and the Amazonian Ticuna and Nukak Maku people stand out, among others.

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