Colombian government to the ELN: "The time has come to eliminate the kidnapping"

Colombian government to the ELN: "The time has come to
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The delegation of Colombian government demanded this Thursday in the peace negotiations National Liberation Army (ELN) that “the time has come to make decisions that eliminate the kidnapping,” when celebrating the release of the soccer player's father Luis Díaz, skidnapped twelve days ago by that guerrilla.

We register with joy the release of Don Luis Manuel Díaz. Also, that he was able to return safely to his family and his community. We hope that he will soon regain his peace of mind, disturbed by an event that should never have happened,” the delegation said in a statement.

He last November 2 he THE Nwhich is holding peace talks with the Governmentannounced the intention to release to the father of Luis Díaz whose kidnapping was “a mistake”as admitted by the leader of that guerrilla, alias “Antonio Garcia“. But that promise was fulfilled this Thursday, November 9.

In this context, the Government delegation recalled:

Kidnapping is a crime that cruelly violates human dignity (...) and causes serious damage to the confidence of Colombian society in the possibility of achieving peace and becomes a great obstacle to reaching agreements and the transformations that are taking place. can agree through a responsible and free dialogue.

In the statement, the Government delegation points out that “the current ELN process has advanced like no other until today.”

For this reason, they demanded that, in the next meeting with the delegation of the THE Neach of the people that this organization has in captivity is liberated“in conditions of safety and dignity immediately“.

The ELN has justified this method by arguing that it is part of its financing. It is unsustainable to argue, from an ethical point of view, that trading with human beings is legal, even under the conditions of an armed conflict.

The representation of Government He concluded by talking about a possible end to the armed confrontations:

We consider that any discussion on financing mechanisms for this armed organization can only be held once the terms of its political incorporation process in the scenario of the end of the conflict are clarified, an issue that must also be addressed at the next meeting.

The peace negotiation between the Government and the ELN had a new setback with him father kidnapping of the renowned Liverpool footballer by the guerrilla, although for the moment negotiations continue.

However, some members of the Government warned that this kidnapping would represent a ceasefire violation valid since last August 3.

(With information from EFE)

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