Colombian EOM: Unacceptable errors have occurred | News


The director of the Electoral Observation Mission (EOM), Alejandra Barrios, in an exclusive interview with the international network teleSUR, asserted that the Colombian electoral system has suffered blows to credibility as a result of the errors that occurred both in the first and in the second round. presidential.


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“Our electoral system suffered a severe credibility blow during this electoral process, because errors have been presented consecutively that must be explained (…) Unacceptable errors have occurred that generate confusion and have destroyed confidence,” said Barrios .

At the same time, the director of the EOM explained that in these elections there have been decontextualizations that generate discord and confusion, “in this electoral process, edited videos have been leaked, cut, without context. This leads citizens to express their concern” , narrowed down

“The rivers of money that are normally seen in a second presidential round are no longer being seen (…) We have received very little information on vote buying. We are going to have elections where people mobilize more calmly,” emphasized the director of the MOE.

Faced with the published video of polls presented by the Registrar’s Office where they give Rodolfo Hernández as the hypothetical winner of the elections, Barrios assured that this information calls into question the elections and generates mistrust, “we are facing information that was not clarified by the Registrar’s Office (. …) The company Indra has within its contract the transmission in terms of image of the information of the electoral results, they have two types of transmission: 1. Upload the information from the polling stations to the departments; 2. The data elections are uploaded from 4:00 p.m. at the national level”; he added he.

“Today we have to wait calmly for the results, due to the phenomenon of the girl there were voting centers that could not be opened,” said Barrios, who also alluded to errors in ballot printing.

“Electoral day is mourning from the first hours with the murder of a soldier and a civilian. We come from electoral days that were held in the midst of the conflict and citizens were declared military targets by armed groups,” Barrios concluded.

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