Colombia will declare a socio-economic emergency in La Guajira | News

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The president of Colombia reported on Friday that he is analyzing the possibility of declaring a social and economic emergency in the department of La Guajira due to the worsening of the climate crisis caused by the effects of the El Niño meteorological phenomenon.


Gustavo Petro assures that capitalism will not solve the climate crisis

During his official visit to France, the president told the press that his cabinet, with him at the helm, will be deployed throughout the next week, between June 26 and July 1, in various locations in the Colombian Caribbean such as Riohacha, Uribia, Nazareth, Albania, Manaure and Maicao.

According to sources from the Colombian Presidency, during his stay the requests and main needs of the inhabitants of the area will be met, property titles will be granted and projects related to the development of wind energy will be discussed in a territory of 15 municipalities with little more than of a million inhabitants.

Likewise, the issue of water, classified as a fundamental axis, will be addressed, and pediatric facilities will be inaugurated to address the incidence of malnutrition, as well as land to build a foster home and nutritional care, as well as a reception center for pregnant mothers.

Other planned actions are the signing of the Pact for the Transition between Wayuu Authorities, communities, energy companies, the local government and the national government. This is intended to increase the economic base that supports the Wayuu peoples and the general population of the territory.

The foundations will also be laid for the construction of Community Roads for Total Peace, the program of the Ministry of Culture Sounds for the Construction of Peace will be launched and the commitments for the purchase of condensers will be signed by the Ministry of Housing and the National Unity. for Disaster Risk Management.

Petro declared that "This week of government in La Guajira will show that institutions remain in rhetoric, where are the obstacles that must be removed to comply with the constitutional sentence."

Later, he elaborated: "We will be bold to get La Guajira to enter into a different dynamic, always with the participation of its society, mostly indigenous," he said.

"We are studying, given the causes that survive in the territory of La Guajira around the El Niño phenomenon, the exacerbation with the climatic consequences, which generates an obvious emergency that is water, thirst, and we are going to try to face it with some specific measures," he said.

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