Colombia proposes to reform the international financial system | News

Colombia proposes to reform the international financial system | News
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President of Colombia proposes during his speech at the High Level Segment of the 78th UN General Assembly to reform the international financial system in order to reduce international public debt.


Social leaders murdered in Bogotá and Cauca, Colombia

In a speech, the Colombian president referred to his country as the country of beauty and focused his speech on the environmental fight to save the green lung of the planet, on stopping the war on drugs, and achieving reform to the international financial system.

The president demanded an end to this “irrational war on drugs,” saying that reducing consumption does not require wars, but rather requires a better society, one that is more supportive, more affectionate, “where the intensity of life saves us from addictions.” and of the new slavery.”

He declared that during the war against cannabis and the coca leaf they promoted drugs of death, “you are not interested in my country except to throw poisons into your jungles, take your men to jail and throw your women into exclusion.” .” Democracies were destroyed in these fights against drugs, injustices were sown, he said.

Petro also warned that environmental justice will not be achieved by 2030, since the promise of 100 billion to fight the crisis was not fulfilled.

He said that the problem was caused by the chimneys of the north and that empires are not used to save lives but to unleash wars. You cannot ask for solutions from a mechanism that caused the problem, alleged the Colombian president, since 3 trillion dollars are now needed to overcome the climate crisis

Regarding the international financial system, the president said that it is necessary to reform it, that public funds are weakened by external debts, and if fossil capitalism is not sustained, it will die, decarbonized capitalism must be financed.

Petro argued that the solution to the environmental crisis can only come from public funds, decarbonization will come from government capital. Saving life requires a change of era, in order to live, young people must wave the flags of change, democracy is the way, but progress is made on everyone's path.

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