Colombia national team confirmed friendly for December: this will be the rival of the last match of 2023

Colombia national team confirmed friendly for December: this will be
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The Colombian team in its first qualifying match for the 2026 World Cup against Venezuela - FCF credit.

The Colombia selection confirmed the rival of what will be his last match 2023. The coffee team will face the next December 16 to its similar Mexico in a meeting that celebrates 20 years of the MexTour. The party, not being within a FIFA dateit will have to be played without several of the players who are active in Europesince they will be at the close of the first part of the season.

The last match between Colombia and Mexico dates back to September 2022, when they were measured in the Levi's Stadium from the city of Santa Clara in California. This was the second game of the Néstor Lorenzo era after the 4-1 victory against Guatemala in his debut as coach of the coffee team.

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The match against the cast Manito He finished in 3-2 victory and it was necessary for the team to come back from 2-0 down after the goals of Alexis Vega and Gerardo Arteaga. The great figure of the Yellow was Luis Sinisterra who coming from the bench, after replacing James Rodríguez, scored a double. The goal that scored the third goal in favor was Wilmar Barrios with a powerful shot from outside the area.

Total, Colombia and Mexico They have faced each other 27 times. The balance is negative for the Tricolorwhich has won eight games, drawn nine and lost in 10 occasions. However, the most important confrontation was in the Copa America 2001played in coffee territory and which measured both teams in the grand final.

The Colombia selection took the game, and therefore the title, after a header goal from Iván Ramiro Córdoba. This is the only title in history achieved by a senior men's team.

The Tricolor team before this match will have five more duels, all for the South American Qualifier heading to the FIFA World Cup USA, Mexico and Canada 2026: vs. Chili (September 12), vs. Uruguay (October 12), vs. Ecuador (October 17), vs. Brazil (in November) and vs. Paraguay (in November).

Since he assumed the technical direction of the coffee group, Nestor Lorenzo He has directed nine games on the line with a balance of seven wins (4-1 vs. Guatemala, 3-2 vs. Mexico, 2-0 vs. Paraguay, 1-2 vs. Japan, 1-0 vs. Iraq, 2-0 vs. Germany and 1-0 vs. Venezuela) and two ties (0-0 vs. United States and 2-2 vs. South Korea).

Mexico vs. Colombia

Stadium: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Hour: 7:00 pm (Colombian time)

City: Los Angeles California

Transmission: Caracol TV and RCN TV.

Those led by Nestor Lorenzo They will visit the Monumental stadium in Chile on a crucial day to return to victory on southern soil after more than 11 years of waiting. The coffee squad will seek to win two games in this start of the playoffs and with a motivated roster, the chances of doing damage in foreign territory are high.

In the middle of a work day and until now at the beginning of the week, Tricolor lovers will wear their colors and support the national team from anywhere possible. The time is not an inconvenience and the places to watch the game, much less so. The main television networks Snail and RCN They will be in charge of transmitting the contest.

  • Chile vs. Venezuela
  • Place: David Arellano Monumental Stadium, Santiago de Chile - date 2 2026 World Cup Qualifiers
  • Date and Time: Tuesday, September 12, 7:30 pm
  • Transmission: Caracol and RCN television
  • Possible Colombia alignment: Camilo Vargas; Daniel Muñoz, Yerry Mina (Davinson Sánchez or Carlos Cuesta), Jhon Janer Lucumí, Deiver Machado; Jefferson Lerma, Matheus Uribe, Jorge Carrascal; Jhon Arias, Luis Fernando Díaz and Rafael Santos Borré.
  • Colombia national team coach: Nestor Lorenzo

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