Colombia exposes to the UN efforts to achieve total peace | News


The President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, held a meeting in New York on Sunday with the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), António Guterres, with whom he addressed the issue of drugs and his government’s efforts to achieve total peace.


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Guterres reiterated to Petro the UN’s willingness to collaborate with his government to consolidate peace, and “protect communities from violence, fight against inequality, promote sustainable development and provide a holistic response to the drug issue.” ”, indicated a press release from the highest world body.

The Colombian president, who began his administration last August, is in the US city of New York to participate this Tuesday in the high-level segment of the general debate of the 77th regular session of the UN General Assembly.

In a statement, the Colombian Presidency indicated that Petro told Guterres “that there are millions of deaths and hundreds of detainees in Latin America and the United States who are not from the war on drugs.”

But it is “a balance that has only left increasingly powerful mafia organizations as beneficiaries, which has destroyed democracies and has destroyed life on the continent,” he added.

The press release indicated that the Colombian president mentioned to Guterres “the need to unify Latin America in a different position than the one it has had up to now and to open the paths of a great world discussion about what, instead of investing public money in murder, death, democratic destruction, it is better to dedicate them to prevention so that these youth do not take the path of consumption and so that our countries are not destroyed”.

In his next activity, Petro moved to the neighborhood of Queens and met in the middle of the street with the president of that New York county, Donovan Richards, and with hundreds of Colombian emigrants.

In a dialogue with the media, the Colombian president stressed that “peace will always be criticized. I have not heard, at some point in the history of Colombia, where I have been able to observe peace processes, that peace is not criticized, and I believe that what needs to be criticized the most is war.”

“If we get all the people in Colombia to abandon the path of arms, we will be building a great nation,” he said.

Regarding the approaches to achieve total peace in his country, Petro said that progress has been made in the appointment of “negotiators from various organizations, some with which he had already initiated a process of the previous government of (Juan Manuel) Santos, most of them unpublished. ”.

He said that he was struck by the fact that “the issue of revitalizing the Amazon rainforest is already being linked to the tasks of peace. It seems to me that this is a key point that was never taken into account and that could, if analyzed in depth, be the element that could lead Colombia towards a comprehensive peace.”

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