Colombia commemorates a year of social unrest with demonstrations | News


One year after the national strike, Colombian social, indigenous, peasant and student groups took to the streets this Thursday to demand that the government of President Iván Duque cease the war treatment against the protest and the stigmatization of the popular mobilization.


Colombian movements remember the anniversary of the National Strike

The organizations hold the State responsible for the death of more than 100 people and another 1,200 injured during the social outbreak of 2021. In addition, they denounce that it is part of a strategy of annihilation of the popular movement through the doctrine of national security and the internal enemy.

After attempts at debate with the national government were exhausted, the social groups traveled to the capital city, Bogotá, from various areas of the country and declared a humanitarian emergency due to the worsening of the armed conflict in rural areas throughout the nation.

About 1,500 representatives of communities from various territories of Chocó, Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Norte de Santander and Córdoba arrived at the headquarters of the Ombudsman’s Office, in the Colombian capital, to make themselves heard by the Government and the international community.

These groups demand peace and the cessation of the armed conflict and the forced displacements they suffer in their territories, in addition to demanding compliance with the peace agreements.

They held a Popular Assembly that demanded urgent actions to address the humanitarian crisis in various Colombian departments. This scenario was repeated in several areas of the country.

At the National University of Colombia, the students staged a demonstration in the afternoon that resulted in a confrontation with the forces of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad of the National Police (Esmad) at the entrance of the educational center.

The commemoration also remembers the victims of the social outbreak, including the dead, wounded and missing in this period.

On April 28, 2021, the popular mobilization in Colombia was motivated by the demand for a change in the government’s social and economic policies that were moving towards neoliberalism. To these demands were added others such as respect for human rights, an end to the assassinations of social leaders and the massacres.

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