Collectors buy, without knowing, Raphael's work

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French collectors bought the painting online this year without knowing its history, and French and Italian experts have just authenticated it as a masterpiece by the Italian painter and architect of the Renaissance Raphael which dates back to his meeting with Leonardo da Vinci around 1505.

When I saw it for the first time in a photo on the internet, this Saint Mary Magdalene immediately captivated me,” says one of the collectors who requested anonymity.

They bought it from a London gallery for 30 thousand pounds sterling (approximately 37 thousand dollars).

When it arrived, seeing it was even more moving, even though it was very dirty,” he recalls.

Thinking that it was a painting from the school of Leonardo da Vinci, he requested the opinion of Annalisa Di Maria, a member of the UNESCO group of experts in Florence (Italy), who authenticated the work in September.

This reassignment “does not change its spiritual beauty in any way,” adds this thirty-year-old, a collector like his father, who wants to share the “exceptional” discovery with the general public.

The experts' conclusions were published in the specialized journal ISTE, Open Science, Arts et Scienceswhose editorial board includes Philippe Walter, director of the French National Center for Scientific Research and former director of the Louvre laboratory.

The layers of paint in the work, hidden by pigments, were analyzed using infrared light and thanks to this the painting could be attributed to Raphael.


The Tijuana company Subterráneo Danza Contemporánea will present the choreography In radix (The root)from Thursday, October 26 to Sunday, October 29 at the Guillermina Bravo Dance Theater, of the Forest Cultural Center.

With this performance proposal Subterráneo Danza Contemporánea culminates the Corporeal Memories dance season.

The Baja Californian company, founded in 1997 and directed by choreographer Gregorio Coral Pulido, will perform a staging that speaks of the underworld and the divine, using the human as a vehicle to connect these two worlds and the root being the element that unites them.

In In radix The group seeks to synthesize the aesthetics and choreographic style that it has achieved throughout its career.

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