Collapse of a bridge under construction left six workers injured in Tamazulápam, Oaxaca

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(Photo: X/@GZOLMEDO)
(Photo: X/@GZOLMEDO)

A bridge under constructionwith 50 workers on him, collapse the afternoon of this November 10 in the Sierra Norte of the state of Oaxaca.

According to the authorities, the incident occurred in the Mixe community of Ayuujk, in the municipality of Tamazulápam of the Spirit, when the workers were casting the bearing slab. However, the falsework did not support and it collapsed, leaving many of them trapped.

It is worth mentioning that the bridge was built on the bed of the Salinas River, to connect the population of Tierra Caliente with the municipal seat, so The work had municipal resources.

Personnel of the State Coordination of Civil Protection and Risk Management (CEPCyGR) activated security protocols and moved to the site to rescue the workers and provide medical care.

(Photo: X)
(Photo: X)

In the end the balance was six people injured: one of them seriously, another suffered a fracture and four more have various injuries. While the rest did not present any serious injuries.

The six workers were taken to the hospital Tamazulápam Community Basic to receive specialized care. Five of them were discharged on the same Friday, but one person remains under observation with the ddiagnosis of polycontusion and with “conservative treatment and pain management.”

For their part, residents of Ayuujk condemned that the work had expired and assured that it should not be handled as an accident, but as a example of negligence and corruption of the authorities, as well as lack of supervision of infrastructure works.

The steel structure did not have to fall, but it does not have load beams and it had a support post in the middle.. It's really crap what they were doing. It was better that it fell today because this bridge was going to fall sooner or later, it is a bad project," they pointed out to The Universal Oaxaca.

(Photo: X)
(Photo: X)

Until 3:00 p.m. this Saturday, the State Government, headed by the Morenista Salomón Jara, has not given any explanation for what happened.

In other news but in the same state, a strong fire in the cobblestone area in Zipolite burned in the early hours of this Saturday a tourist establishment and reached anotheras well as a motorcycle, before being suffocated by residents and firefighters of the municipality of Pochutla.

The accident occurred in this tourist destination on the Oaxaca Coast, the only one that officially tolerates nudity in the country, at approximately 04:00 in the morning this Saturday, at the northern end of the cobblestone, an area known as Roca Blanca .

Although it was initially reported that the fire started on the beach line, it actually started in the business formerly known as Zen Louge, between the Hotel One and the Gupalli Spa, residents informed The universal.

The fire quickly reached another nearby palapa, several water tanks and a motorcycle. Although the fire only left material damage and no injuries were reported, the fire completely burned the Zen Louge and a palapa of another establishment.

Residents reported that the fire was put out by neighbors, people who sell water in pipes and elements of the Heroic Fire Department of Pochutla, where Zipolite administratively belongs. Municipal Civil Protection authorities were also present; However, the causes of the accident are currently unknown.

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