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The series of television reports Fire in Pinares de Mayarí, the result of collaborative work between the Cuban television station Telecristal and the multi-state television station teleSUR, received the award in the reporting section in the last edition of the National Journalism Contest on July 26, convened by the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC).


teleSUR awards prizes for the #MiHistoriaConD10S contest

The jury of the journalistic contest distinguished this product for the follow-up it provided to a large fire that last February affected a large wooded area in eastern Cuba and the way in which thousands of people organized to deal with it.

The reports were made by the journalist Yordanis Rodríguez Laurencio and the cameraman Eddi de la Pera.

According to the minutes of the jury, the recognition was granted for "following up on an event of national impact, with the presence at the scene of the events, in very adverse conditions for the journalist and his work team, with constant updates, professional expertise with the use of sources, force and authenticity in the story".

The July 26 National Journalism Contest rewarded 50 works selected from a fund of more than 500 from all over the country that were presented.

When mentioning the winners of the journalistic contest, the director of the Organization of the Union of Cuban Journalists (UPEC), Juan Carlos Ramírez, announced that the prizes will be delivered on July 14, at the Martí Theater in the Cuban capital.

He added that the award will be in the midst of the celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the founding of UPEC, which will take place on July 15.

By 2024, UPEC hopes to include the Jorge Ricardo Massetti Special Prize for International Journalism, while this year the Special from the Ministry of Culture was recovered, whose decision will be announced in the coming days.

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