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Atletico Madrid thrashed 5-1 at Cadiz CF, meeting corresponding to the Date 33 of the Spanish League, held this Wednesday at the Civitas Metropolitan Stadium, where the French shone Antoine Griezman, author of a double, result has served to overcome the real Madrid in the general table and placed in second place.

the athlete faced this compromise 24 hours after he Real Madrid fell in San Sebastian and put the 'sorpasso' on a tray. With the lead virtually unattainable while the FC Barcelona discounts the days to be championthe objective of the locals was to start scaring their opponent.

And said and done. He took it upon himself to do it Antoine Griezman with the 1-0 in minute 2. As a result of the captain Koke steal a ball in the left peak of the C√°diz area, its combination with Thomas Lemar and with Yannick Carrasco caused the latter to scatter, look up and assist the rojiblanco '8' in a shooting position.

griezmann then connected a left-handed threaded outwho entered the rival goal glued to the post. Jeremías Ledesma he had stretched well, but without reaching a shot that had poison and that opened the account, extended almost half an hour later by the French striker himself and with prominence from his compatriot lemar.

Galloping down the right wing, Griezmann entered the C√°diz area to design a quick wall with your old teammate. Having thus saved the defensive line of the visitors, the Frenchman made it 2-0 with another even more powerful left footed shot and higher than the previous goal. Again, Ledesma could do little.

With a rather groggy state, Not even rest could revitalize a C√°diz without resources and that he conceded the 3-0 in a small hubbub inside his area. It was running minute 49 when alvaro morata he extended his team's lead, recovering from a shot to the post just before the break. On this occasion, the play was born from Beautiful Mario.

The versatile central mattress player, at a much better level in the second round of LaLiga than before the World Cup, starred in a run down the left wing and the ball ended up on the opposite side; thereMorata was already right to beat Ledesma after a quick check. Not 10 minutes later Lemar caused a penalty from Rubén Alcaraz in a lateral cross.

Action seen a thousand times this season, which still generates suspicions due to the natural or unnatural position of the defender's arm when throwing himself onto the grass to try to cut the center. The point is that the referee Cesar Soto Degree, under consultation of the VAR, did decree the maximum penalty; and Carrasco, with a powerful low shot, he converted them with rage.

had meant the first penalty favorable to Atlético throughout the league season, but in the mind of carrasco perhaps there was the fateful one that erred on October 26 against the Bayer Leverkusen and that supposed the mattress elimination of the Champions League. Almost seven months later, the ghosts have vanished and everything is joy.

reduced distances Anthony 'Choco' Lozano with a great goal in minute 72, thanks to a shot from far from the area defended by Ivo Grbic. But Atlético responded with the 'little hand' right after, after a well-balanced attack so that Nahuel Molina controlled until finishing off, point blank and with a gesture that deceived Ledesma.

Without any kind of shock until the final whistle, the pupils of Diego Pablo Simeone they tied the victory for thereby reaching 69 points. One position behind is the Real Madrid with 68, but with his mind set on his imminent end of Copa del Rey And in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City.

LaLiga / Date 33
Atletico Madrid 5-1 Cadiz
Stadium: Cívitas Metropolitano
Referee: César Soto Grado
1-0 (2').- Antoine Griezmann
2-0 (27').- Antoine Griezmann
3-0 (49 ').- √Ālvaro Morata
4-0 (57').- Yannick Carrasco (penalty)
4-1 (72 ').- Anthony Lozano
5-1 (73 ').- Nahuel Molina

Atletico Madrid
(Doherty, 86')
(Strap, 64′)
(Reguilón, 72')
(Neighborhoods, 71')
DT: Diego Pablo Simeone

(Lozano, 46')
Alex Fernandez
(José Mari, 61′)
I drive away
(De la Rosa, 72′)
(Ramos, 61')
DT: Sergio Gonzalez

(With information from Europe Press)

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