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The secretary general of the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Ecuador, Santiago Vallejo, informed the media on Tuesday that the two-week period has begun for the Plenary of that authority to decide whether to deliver the signature collection forms for validate the recall request against President Guillermo Lasso.


Civilians from Ecuador seek impeachment of Pdte. William Lasso

According to press reports, so far three recall requests have been submitted to the CNE: two to remove Lasso and one to dismiss his vice president, Alfredo Borrero.

Both are accused of having failed to comply with the government plan they presented at the beginning of their mandate. In the opinion of the spokesman for the Popular Coordinator for the Recall of Lasso and Borrero, Pedro Granja, both promised, swore and then lied to the Ecuadorians.

In a statement, the Coordinator stated that the indefinite national strike initiated this Monday by the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) confirms that the country has a critical situation and that the Government is not willing to listen to the people.

The Popular Coordinator, and specifically its president, Kerly Carvajal Ordóñez, promotes a request to revoke Lasso and another against Borrero, while an indigenous leader from the province of Cotopaxi (north), Ángel Tipantuña Vega, promotes a request to revoke to the president.

This Monday, the Presidency of Ecuador delivered its discharge evidence to avoid the process. According to local media, more than 100 boxes containing documents from the different ministries and a 100-page report summarizing the work during the first year of the Lasso-Borrero mandate were delivered to the CNE.

Receipt of this evidence marks the beginning of the two-week period that the law grants the CNE to examine said information and issue a ruling.

Upon handing them over, the Minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez, assured that the information presented evidences the work carried out on the social, economic and security fronts.

In addition, he assessed that the revocation requests will be dismissed because in his opinion they do not meet the technical requirements to be presented.

At the beginning of June, the CNE notified Lasso and Borrero of the requests for revocation and gave both of them a period of seven days to present their challenges in a documented manner.

The Ecuadorian Constitution establishes in its article 105 that people in enjoyment of political rights can propose the revocation, once the first and before the last year of the period for which the questioned authority was elected.

Upon being admitted, the CNE notified the two authorities so that, within seven days, they present their challenges in a documented manner.

This Tuesday, leaders of the groups promoting the recall carried out sit-ins at the CNE headquarters in Quito and Guayas. There they demanded that they be given the forms to collect the signatures of support.

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