CNDH condemns discriminatory expressions of legislator against transgender people


Mexico.- Faced with the transphobic expressions repeatedly formulated by Deputy Gabriel Ricardo Quadri de la Torre, which violate the dignity and human rights of LGBTTTIQ + people, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) urged legislators authorities and the general population to avoid such discriminatory statements and actions.

This Autonomous National Organism makes an energetic call to the political parties so that within their statutes and principles, practices aimed at inclusion, equality, non-discrimination and the elimination of all forms of violence against the LGBTTTIQ + population are considered.

Likewise, it invites the federal legislature to harmonize, modify and even eliminate legislation that prevents or limits the exercise and enjoyment of people’s human rights, guaranteeing the necessary budgets to promote public policies for equality and non-discrimination.

The CNDH is extremely concerned about such statements and considers it unfortunate that the legislator calls gender identity an “ideology” and questions the existence of pregnant people.

Sexual orientation, gender identity, cultural identity, gender expression and sexual characteristics are not a reason why people’s human rights and access to school, work, political and other opportunities should be restricted. nature.

Comments such as those expressed by the legislator only contribute to the persistence of violence against LGBTTTIQ + people, generating anger, promoting disinformation and discrimination against these populations.

With information from the CNDH

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