Club León backs out of new stadium project

Club León backs out of new stadium project
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He Club Leon reported this Friday that it canceled the purchase/sale contract of a land owned by the state of Guanajuato, on which they would build a own new stadium.

According to a statement released through its social networks, the “Panzas Verdes” club indicated that it was “unfeasible to continue with this project” announced in September 2018.

In that year the León Club presented a project that would be named “New Stadium of León“, which would have a hall of fame, as well as restaurants and a hotel. It was planned to open in 2021; However, the financial crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic forced the inauguration of the coliseum to be postponed to 2023.

León Stadium (Nou Camp)

“We have agreed with the State of Guanajuato to terminate the purchase and sale contract having complied with all payments established to date. Ownership of the land returns to the State.”

The recent document also points out that the scarlet institution gave up the capital gains generated during the last 3 years. “It was never our interest to speculate with this property, whose sole and ultimate purpose was the construction of a stadium,” he added.

In an explanatory video broadcast on the social network X, formerly Twitter, Club León details the details of the process to acquire the land and be able to build a new stadium; as well as the obstacles he overcame to culminate returning to the stadium known as Nou Camp.

Regarding the agreement with the government of Guanajuato for the land in question, the payments made in said contract were applied as advance payment of the support agreement granted for the purchase of the current stadium, Club León indicates in the statement.

This way, all obligations have been settled contracted between the State and Club León.

He also added that They will concentrate their resources on the future construction of a new stadium on the historical foundations of the León Stadium, which will be the base and soul of this project.

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