Club América wins the National Classic again against Club Chivas with a double from Julián Quiñones

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Mexico.-.-Club América and Club Chivas faced each other this Sunday, October 15, in a new edition of the National Classic, but based in the United States.

Club América repeated the dose against Club Chivas, and beat them by a score of 2-0 on the field of the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, California.

The Águilas once again beat their bitter rival with a double from Julián Quiñones, to arrive in high spirits for their next match in the Liga MX.

Although the Sacred Flock surpassed the azulcremas at times, those led by Veljko Paunovic failed in their attempt to score a goal, once again.

The meeting ends

The referee does not add a single minute and the game ends in Los Angeles, America beats Chivas again in the National Classic. 2-0, end of the match.

The fans of América and Chivas begin to put out flares and smoke bombs, so the game stopped for approximately five minutes. 2-0, minute 85.

The Sacred Flock seems to “lower” its arms and will give the opportunity for young people to play minutes in the National Classic in the United States. 2-0, minute 75.

After a cross hit Igor Lichnovsky's hand, the Chivas players asked for a penalty even though the action did not desperately warrant it. 2-0, minute 65.

Once again Julian Quiñonez, the Mexican striker, reappears in the rival area and tips the balance in favor of the azulcremas. 2-0, minute 54.

Actions restart at the Rose Bowl, América and Chivas come out with the same 11 players with whom they took the field in the first half. 1-0, minute 46.

The central referee whistles; The Eagles go into the break with a minimal advantage against a Chivas Club that has not been accurate in attack. 1-0, half time.

Ricardo Marín was saved from being expelled from the National Classic in the United States, after elbowing Israel Reyes while contesting a ball in the air. 1-0, minute 43.

Those led by Veljko Paunovic continue trying to tie the duel before the break, despite Julián Quiñones' blow. 1-0, minute 40.

When the Rebaño was playing best, Julián Quiñones sent a great goal with his right foot to the far post of Wacho Jiménez to take the lead. 1-0, minute 29.

Chivas takes advantage of the disconnection of the azulcrema midfield to take the initiative of the game and was close to scoring the first goal. 0-0, 25.

Although both teams have dedicated themselves to searching for the first goal of the game, the match has gotten heated as the minutes passed. 0-0, minute 15.

The match begins, Club América and Club Chivas move the ball in front of a packed Rose Bowl as part of a new edition of the National Classic. 0-0. minute 1.

  • Club América: Ó. Jiménez, M. Layún, I. Reyes, I. Lichnovsky, S. Reyes, Á. Fidalgo, J. Dos Santos, B. El-Mesmari, L. Suárez, J. Rodríguez and J. Quiñones
  • M. Jiménez, A. Mozo, A. Briseño, G. Sepúlveda, A. Mayorga, F. González, V. Guzmán, F. Beltrán, R. Alvarado, I. Brizuela and R. Marín.

Club América and Club Chivas are now arriving at the Rose Bowl preparing for what will be a new match full of emotions.

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Club América and Club Chivas face each other this Sunday, October 15 in a new edition of the National Classic, but based in the United States.

Club América and Club Chivas will clash on the field of the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, seeking to defend their honor in a match that will be anything but “friendly.”

The Águilas come into the matchup with an impressive streak in the Liga MX of 11 games without defeat and with a landslide victory in the 2023 Apertura National Classic.

On the other hand, the Sacred Flock will try to maintain the emotional momentum after having defeated Atlas FC in the Clásico Tapatío, the day before this afternoon's confrontation.

It should be remembered that the duel is agreed due to the break in the Liga MX for the FIFA date and that it is intended to start at 7:00 p.m.

By Alexis Fernandez


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