Closing date announced for 3 stations

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There is already a defined date for the closing of the Metro Line 9. It will be in December and not this month of November, when the track releveling work will begin in three stations on Metro Line 9, which They have a sinkage of 80 centimeters.

The section, with an exact date yet to be defined, that will undergo major intervention, will be PantitlĂĄn to Velodrome, reported the general director of the Metro, Guillermo Calderonwhen appearing before United Commissions in the capital's Congress, as part of the Gloss to the Fifth Government Report.

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CalderĂłn Aguilera specified that "there is a differential subsidence between the PantitlĂĄn and Puebla stations, of up to 80 centimeters that is not recovered until the moment of major intervention."

To do this, the STC will be in charge of dismantle the structure to replace it with another and thus correct this collapse.

“This major intervention of this section, of this clearing, will begin in December. The Metro's participation is in the removal of all track, signaling and electrical systems."said.

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Once the part of the structure is cleared, the Ministry of Works will take charge of the civil works, for the replacement of girders and will build a system that will allow correcting the subsidence, which forces the so-called Brown Line to operate currently, with reduction of speed, added the director of the Metro.

However, Guillermo CalderĂłn ruled out that this sinking puts users at risk.

With an investment of 200 million pesos, the work will last about five months, he said.

He pointed out that, once the works begin, as in the case of the Line 1, an emerging support service for RTP buses, MetrobĂșs and TrolleybĂșs will be enabled.

The capital government had anticipated that the releveling work on the L-9 would begin two weeks after the closure of section two of the Metro Line 1, from Isabel La CatĂłlica to Observatorio, as happened at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday.

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