Closer to the military than to the civilians

Francisco Garfias.

The image in the presidium at the Teatro de la República de Querétaro, where the 106th anniversary of the Constitution was celebrated, illustrated the times we live in: the military are closer to the president than the civilians who head the Legislative and Judicial branches.

The minister president of the SCJN, Norma Piña, and the president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies, PAN member Santiago Creel, were placed as far as they could from the president. Four and three places respectively.

Morenista Alejandro Armenta, who presides over the Senate thanks to his coordinator Ricardo Monreal, was on the other side, but also far away. He makes merits, but still does not redeem his original sin.

López Obrador was flanked by the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López Hernández, and the PAN state governor, Mauricio Kuri.

Immediately, to the left of the president, the head of Sedena, Luís Crescencio Sandoval, and to the right of Marina, José Rafael Ojeda.

Jesús Reyes Heroles already said it: in politics, form is substance.


The ceremony served Minister Piña to distance herself from AMLO. She told him that autonomy “is not a privilege of judges, but the principle that guarantees an adequate administration of justice.”

He also asked that the judges be qualified by their resolutions, not by other criteria, as AMLO usually does in the morning.

Creel took the opportunity to directly ask the president to stop his regressive Plan B “so as not to repeat the mistakes of the past”.

And he said that the time has come to dialogue to make the fundamental norms a reality and translate them into well-being for the people.

Deaf ears. The president, as a good autocrat, does not even want to hear about the opposition. “The dialogue that they want, seek perks, is to return to the Moches,” he said in the morning.


In the Teatro de la República there was a symbolic gesture by Minister Piña that irritated a president accustomed to genuflecting: He did not get up from his seat when López Obrador entered the room where proclaimed the current Constitution. Yes, he did when the honors to the president began.

That caused the birds to fire at the shotguns. Jesús Ramírez, spokesman for the president, uploaded a tweet, photo included, in which he criticized the minister’s gesture.

Offended by the audacity, the spokesperson wrote: “It is unfortunate that not everyone respected the protocol of the ceremony.”

He forgot that the protocol, last year, put the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Gutiérrez Luna, from Morena, next to AMLO and immediately his buddy, the then president of the Court, Arturo Zaldívar.


The judges and ministers of the Court, often raw material for criticism and accusations in the morning, identified with Piña’s words.

-Did you feel represented? -We asked Luis María Aguilar, minister of the SCJN.

-Absolutely. I congratulated her and emphasized her strong position of independence. So that it is read that judges at all levels must be respected, because they are a guarantee for the people, not their privilege. Excellent,” she replied.

The favorite villain of the 4T, Lorenzo Córdova, INE Director, congratulated himself on Twitter for the “great speech” by Norma Piña.

He said that the minister highlighted judicial independence as a central principle of democratic life “in times when there are those who see the Constitution as something expendable, for the sake of their political interests.”

The senator of the Plural Group, German Martínez, did not mince words. He told us:

“I am sure that the judges feel represented in this speech (by Piña) and they did not feel represented, and the president felt comfortable, in Zaldívar’s kneeling.”

Regarding the presidential spokesman’s tweet, he was scathing: “Jesús Ramírez would have wanted to change the name of the Juárez Theater and call it López Obrador Theater. Before that theater was called Iturbide, the theater of the emperor. But yesterday it was called Teatro de la República…” ***

Humberto Moreira, former governor of Coahuila, denies the accusations made by his then Finance Secretary, Héctor Javier Villarreal, in the trial against Genaro García Luna in New York.

Villarreal maintained that Moreira was the liaison for the former Secretary of Security to pay The universal 25 million pesos a month to speak well of his performance.

He also said that during a visit to García Luna’s Bunker, the police officer tried to sell Moreira the Israeli spy system called Pegasusbut he was not interested.

The former governor reversed: “There was never a relationship with Mr. García Luna, nor did we have any conversation in relation to a system Pegasus. It is false that he interceded between him and The universal.

“The statement is motivated with the sole purpose of obtaining a benefit to the sentence of 20 years in prison that he faces; and a civil liability of 66 million pesos”.


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