Climbing risks in the Gray House


Francisco Garfias.

The consultants of the Eurasia Group, based in New York and offices around the world, say that there does not seem to be a major scandal in the call Gray House.

He warns, however, that the work of “legal advisor” that Jos茅 Ram贸n L贸pez Beltr谩n performs for the company of the sons of the owner of Grupo Vidanta, in Houston, Texas, could have “greater ramifications.”

“It is unlikely that (the houses) will have significant political repercussions, since the president’s popularity has resisted, but unlike other crises, this one has more room to escalate and become a real problem for L贸pez Obrador,” warns Eurasia.


It is already public knowledge that the president’s eldest son lived in luxury homes in Texas in recent years. One is owned by Keith Louis Schilling, a senior executive at Baker Hughes.

鈥淪ince the company is a Pemex contractor, this could represent a conflict of interest. In addition, it was recently reported that the house was never registered in the public registry, which is required in Texas, which raised new questions about the relationship between the owner and the L贸pez-Adams family.鈥

Eurasia does not ignore that Baker Hughes conducted an internal investigation and concluded that there is no conflict of interest, although it does not mention that this company has benefited from contracts with Pemex. He is judge and jury.

Remember that Jos茅 Ram贸n works for Kei Partners, a firm created in 2019 by relatives of a Mexican businessman very close to the president (Daniel Ch谩vez), who has been collaborating on some government projects.

By the way, a 鈥渃itizen鈥 sent us a copy of a list from the Texas Bar Association that includes qualified foreign consultants in that state. There are 53 names. 18 are Mexican, one Franco-Mexican. L贸pez Beltr谩n does not appear.


Senators from Morena and their allies in the upper house blocked a point of agreement presented by the PAN senator, X贸chitl G谩lvez.

The text exhorted the general director of Petr贸leos Mexicanos to submit a report to the Senate on the following:

The number of contracts, object, amount and term of execution of each of the contracts that have been assigned to Baker Hughes by Pemex, its affiliates or subsidiaries, as of December 1, 2018, as well as the assignment mechanism of said contracts.

It asks Pemex to report whether the contractor presented the declaration of no conflict of interest and whether it stated that one of its directors was the owner of one of the houses occupied by the President’s son.

X贸chitl recalled that the L贸pez Beltr谩n-Adams couple paid an income of around 120 thousand pesos a month (more than what the President earns.)

“What is worrying is that the house he occupied between 2019 and 2020 was in the name of Keith Schilling, who was a senior executive at Baker Hughes, an oil company that has current contracts with Pemex for more than 151 million dollars,” he said.

The PAN senator, by the way, announced that the complaint for a possible conflict of interest in the Gray House had already been admitted by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States.


“Not that I was the traitor?” She rebuked Marybel Villegas to the most radical senators of Morena’s group 鈥 to which she belongs 鈥 who anathematized her, based on versions that she was going to be the MC’s candidacy for the government of Quintana Roo. In the end, the orange party is going to nominate another senator who belonged to the Morena Group, but is close to the hardliners who attacked Marybel: Jos茅 Luis Pech.


The INE categorically denied having pressured Public Television not to broadcast the open parliament on the Energy Reform taking place in San L谩zaro. They point to Jenaro Villamil, president of the Public Broadcasting System, as the source of this “false and inaccurate” information.

鈥淭he electoral authority denies that any official of the Public Broadcasting System of the Mexican State or any other means of communication has been instructed or intimidated to cease any transmission,鈥 says the Institute.

The electoral arbitrator, however, endorsed his call to all public officials of the executive, legislative and judicial powers to respect the ban for the process of revocation of mandate.

“Any reminder that the INE or any of its advisers has made publicly about the respect that must prevail over legality does not constitute an act of intimidation, but of prevention and dissemination,” he points out.

Villamil was in the forums on the Energy Reform that take place in the Chamber of Deputies. He compared councilors Lorenzo C贸rdova and Ciro Murayama to “Torquemada.”


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