Claudia, the maximato and the permanence of Ebrard

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Francisco Garfias.

The “understanding” between Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Ebrard would be the first sign of autonomy for the virtual presidential candidate of the ruling party, if both of them agreed apart from President López Obrador, as the former chancellor claims.

Claudia needs to shake off the idea that it is the “maximate” option. There are many who believe that if she becomes president, the former head of government would play a role similar to that of Pascual Ortiz Rubio during the Calles era.

The idea was further nourished by what happened to Omar García Harfuch, Dolphin of Sheinbaum for the head of government of CDMX. The “policeman”, as Morena's cigars derogatorily call him, beat Clara Brugada by 14 points, but was lowered

And it was not the criterion of gender parity, as the official discourse states. Omar's advantage over the former mayor of Iztapalapa was greater than that of Alejando Armenta in Puebla; and Eduardo Ramírez in Chiapas, who will be candidates for governor.


Sheinbaum, by the way, has already made it clear that he does not recognize Marcelo Ebrard's group as a second force.

“It cannot be the second, nor the third, nor the fourth force, because Morena is a single force, so it is good that he decided to stay in Morena,” he said in a podcast in Facebook.

And he recalled that Morena's statutes prohibit the formation of currents "that do so much damage to the parties."

And Marcelo declared that he is staying in Morena because he reached an “understanding” with Claudia, whom he already recognizes as coordinator of the defense of the transformation.

He hinted that the Marcelists are going to occupy a place in Morena's CEN: another in the Honesty and Justice Commission; one more in the Commission of Inquiry; and that they will have spaces in the candidatures.

Claudia did not say anything about the agreements she reached with Ebrard that culminated in the former chancellor's permanence. It would be pertinent if you clarified it.

In Marcelo's team they clarify that they do not want tribes in Morena. “The fact that we were second force in the survey was only to refer to the result,” said Daniel Millán, right-hand man of the former chancellor.


Senator Gustavo Madero is worried. He feels that the initial “light” of Xóchitl Gálvez has gone out. He sees her stagnant, lost and distanced from civil society.

He says that the Broad Front is now the “Narrow Front” and that the parties that make up it (PAN-PRI-PRD) only attend to electoral issues. “They forgot about the project. “No one talks about a coalition government anymore,” he highlighted.

He feels that the “pink tide” that managed to “snatch” the decision on the presidential candidacy of the Front from the national head of the PAN, Marko Cortés, has also gone down.


The senators from Morena, Verde and PT did not care that article 98 of the Constitution says that the resignation of a minister of the SCJN only proceeds for "serious cause."

They approved in fast track the license of Arturo Zaldívar because it was so ordered by President López Obrador, the real leader of the three pro-government groups in the Upper House.

Zaldívar took off his robe arguing that he no longer contributes to the SCJN and that his task is “marginal.”

The real reason is that the once star minister wanted to join the team of Claudia Sherinbaum, the virtual presidential candidate of Morena and Remoras.

Zaldívar's license takes away the next president's right to propose ministers. With AMLO there are two who resign: Eduardo Medina Mora and Zaldívar.

With the woman who replaces the resignation, there will be five members of the plenary session proposed by the President of the Republic. A risk for the autonomy of the highest court.

Two of them, fortunately, have shown time and again that they are not employees of AMLO, but guardians of the Constitution: Margarita Ríos Farjat and Juan Luis González Alcántara.

Zaldívar took off his robe arguing that he no longer contributes to the SCJN and that his task is “marginal.”

The real reason is that the once star minister wanted to join the team of Claudia Sheinbaum, virtual presidential candidate for Morena and Remoras.


The debate went off without a hitch. The Morenistas who spoke in the session did so without conviction. They approved automatically.

It is worth highlighting the interventions of senators Germán Martínez, Plural Group; and Damián Zepeda, PAN.

The first used the statue of the famous “pissing boy” in Brussels, Belgium, to point out that the resigning minister urinated on Mexico's constitutional history.

“Zaldívar – he said – was a combination of a star judge and a political judge due to his prominence and the tortuous use – which does not conform to the law or morality – of procedural mechanisms.”

PAN member Damián Zepeda was not far behind: he accuses the minister of using the SCJN as a political springboard.

“It would not be healthy for the Supreme Court if Arturo Zaldívar is already a minister. It seems to me that it would create a bigger problem if he continued sitting as a judge (on the full Court). He lost all ability to be a minister,” he stated.


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