Claudia, the big loser...

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Under tons of garbage, Acapulco continues to die...

In the end, the extreme radicalism of some and the shameful abjection of others ended up imposing conditions and with the endorsement of the Palace tenant, it is understood, they managed to "double" the new custody of the 4T the unpresentable Claudia Sheinbaumwho, with everything and the ridiculous walking stick command in his hands, he had to convince Omar García Harfuch of ceding his possible nomination to the capital government to the activist Clara Brugadaeven though he had won - "and by a lot...", according to his supporters - the survey carried out by the ruling party for this purpose and surpassed the former mayor in every (private) survey carried out since the beginning of the bid. …

Nothing strange when it comes to the 4T government and its party, where the only will worth taking into account is that of its unquestionable founder and maximum leader. Andrés Manuel López Obradorwhich day in and day out, shows more clearly the (worrying) levels of discomfort and loss of control of his own emotions that the increasingly evident failure of his declining administration causes him and where, let it be said, say, the list of achievements and lack of results grows as the days and hours go by.

Believe then, as happened in the environment closest to the formereco regent that he could impose on his former Secretary of Citizen Security, a police officer of PRI origin linked to the (hated) Genaro García Luna and, marginally, if you will, to topics as sensitive as the disappearance and murder of the 43 students from the rural normal school of Ayotzinapa, about the militant and activist who, like her, has followed and served the Tabasco native for at least two years. recent decades, was an example of the lack of knowledge of how things are handled within the movement cherrysomething unthinkable...

The matter was repeated in at least a couple of other cases, notably Jalisco and Puebla where the “displaced” Antonio Pérez Garibay and the unpresentable and always servile Ignacio Mier Velazco They did not hesitate to express their discomfort and rejection of the decisions made by the administration—not the leadership of the government party—headed by the formerebrardista Mario Delgadowhich confirms predictions about the imminence of fractures, including open ruptures inside the morenoism.

At the same time…


* Warned that if she registered to seek the PAN pre-candidacy for the capital government, she would not be able to do so for another position or for re-election, the mayor of Álvaro Obregón Lia Lemon ended up “closing ranks” with the romerito Santiago Taboada that, now, he will only have to defeat the unpresentable PRI Adrian Rubalcava to win the nomination of the Frente Amplio…

* Out of other people's pity, the deputies Rosario Marin, Araceli Ocampo Rosario Reyes, Pablo Amilcar Sandoval, Sergio Penaloza and Carlos Sanchez -all lopezobradoristas, obviously—that, as a slogan, they voted not to contribute budget resources in support of the victims of Acapulco, Coyuca de Benítez and 45 other towns in their native Guerrero. When you don't have it, you don't have it!…

Let's meet here tomorrow with another matter Political in nature.

Enrique Aranda
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