Claudia Sheinbaum adds leadership in favor of the 4T in Colima

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This Sunday from Manzanillo, Colima the presidential candidate of BRUNETTEClaudia Sheinbaum led the signing of the agreement for unity, which was also supported by different representatives of political forces, prominent sports figures and businessmen.

Accompanied by the leader of her party, Mario Delgado and the world diver, Rommel Pachecho, Sheinbaum Pardo clarified that the second stage of his movement has unity as a priority.

"We won the survey and we are here; now tasks come differentit is about building unity among us and look, it has been very good because in all the places in the country where we have been there is not only unity but deep joy, excitement and enthusiasm because we know that we are going to win in 2024. We are in a process of unity" remarked the former head of government of Mexico City.

As the main tasks of the second stage of the movement, Sheinbaum Pardo He told those attending the rally that it is necessary to organize into committees to defend the fourth transformation of Mexico "in each municipality, territory or rural area of ​​the country."

"We need more than 100 thousand defense committees of the transformation and we keep adding and adding. Who here is willing to form your transformation defense committee? It is about adding to 10, that we add 10 and that we are sure that those 10 are convinced of the transformation "he explained in his intervention.

According to the applicant morenistathe organization and mobilization will help defend the achievements achieved in the last five years by the government of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, such as the pension for the elderly, the decrease in povertyscholarships for students of all levels or the construction of the Mayan Train as well as the 10 industrial parks along the trans-isthmus corridor.

He insisted that it is indispensable maintain the fight against corruption and austerity throughout the government.

That is the model that works for Mexico, declared Sheinbaum and that is why many businessmen They accompany her in this aspiration with a view to 2024.

He also assured that the opposition is staying "getting smaller and smaller".

"We are not going to rest until all Mexicans can eat healthy food three times a day; they can take their sons and daughters to university and have access to housing; they have a decent salary and job and all of that only has a path: that of the fourth transformation of public life in Mexico. There is no other, that is why there are many Mexicans who are signing with us and the opposition is becoming smaller and smaller because they want to return to the past of corruption," he said, reiterating that the second floor of the transformation is being built.

The above means, he said, winning the presidency of the republic, the congress of the union, all the governorships at stake as well as all the municipal presidencies.

Among the signatories of the agreement are Francisco Méndez Solana, state president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Foods Industry (Canirac); Ileana Arroyo Ochoa, state president of Nueva Alianza Colima; Arturo Meillón Galindo, businessman from Manzanillo.

Also signing the agreement for the unit were Carlos Carrasco, state president of the Encuentro Solidario party; Jaime Haces Pacheco, state leader of the Fuerza por México party; Leoncio Morán Sánchez, former mayor of Colima and former president of the Citizen Movement.


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