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My solidarity with the people of Israel;

I repudiate and condemn Hamas terrorism.

Claudia Sheinbaum's campaign increasingly resembles that of the PRI in the 2000 election, with the candidacy of Francisco Labastida. Large concentrations, a multitude of polls bought or wrong and deaf ears to the rumor that came from below. In that election, nearly 100 surveys were carried out, but 24 stood out; Of these, 20 gave unquestionable victory to the PRI candidate. Only four dared to publish a probable triumph for Vicente Fox. One of them, the most accurate of all, Demotecnia, by María de las Heras, had to be published in the Dallas Morning Newsbecause here he found no means that dared.

Unlike the PRI campaigns of yesteryear, in Sheinbaum's events the protagonist is not she, but the President. For this reason, the slogans of the honor of being with López Obrador are repeated and the almost candidate promises again and again that she will continue the legacy of her mentor. The PRI before the defeat of 2000 was preparing, from the campaign, the transfer of power to the sure winner and the transmutation of the once powerful tlatoani, into a modest director of the FCE, a writer of autobiographies or a restless but peaceful former Third World leader. In the proselytizing events, the protagonist was the candidate, not the president. This is complicated, if not impossible, in the case of Morenoist proselytism: although experience indicates that it is difficult to inherit the charisma of a candidate to the chosen successor, it is worth trying. Especially when half of the voters do not know who will lead the opposition coalition.

The objective, as old as the lessons about The Art of War of Sun Tzu, it is very simple: win the war without firing a shot, or as the Chinese wise man said: “supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.” Only, in electoral battles, you learn. And since we are quoting strategists, I turn to Von Clausewitz, who had to reflect a lot after Napoleon beat up the Prussian army in the Battle of Jena, in 1806. “Do not repeat the same tactics with the same adversary, because the “You will guess,” he later wrote. And so it has been: after the elections in the State of Mexico, where the saturation of surveys with exaggerated differences in favor of Morena was one of the factors in the demotivation of the opposition electorate, the little trick is hardly credible. And abusing the tool is also wearing: surveys that predict 70 points, 50 points, 30 points in favor of the Morenoist opponent are hardly credible and, on the other hand, provide reasons for hilarious memes. Laughter and mockery make the initial anguish that could have been caused by an unfavorable survey on the front page of a national newspaper fade away and invite better memes. And this liberating moment was brought about by Morena's well-financed publicists, without a single peso having been spent on this side. They missed the dose.

You have to know how to read the strategy of disproportionately inflating Morena's imminent candidate: if Xóchitl Gálvez were not a formidable opponent, they would not invest in this attempt to win beforehand. They are afraid. In the September GEA-ISA survey, with numbers very favorable to the President and his Eliza Doolittle, there is, however, a tie between those who believe that the country should continue on the same path (49%) and those who think that it must be modified ( 44%). Regardless of a certain feeling of economic well-being and appreciating the President's work as moderately positive, almost half reflect on the other power that is gaining territory: authorized crime, as my friend Guadalupe Acosta Naranjo called it. The young people murdered in Lagos de Moreno and Zacatecas, the femicides that do not stop, the championship of this government in number of murders and disappearances, prompt us to ask: is this what we were promised, what we want for future generations?

The official candidate promises to continue along the same path: deepen militarization by returning the GN to the command of Sedena, agree to expand regional alliances with crime to ensure electoral victories and suffocate the Judiciary, which could put a stop to this path of No return. The legislative initiatives that seek to eliminate 14 of the 15 trusts of the Judiciary Council, the SCJN and the TEPJF have the objective of weakening the Judiciary, frightening it and giving it up. No one who calls themselves a democrat can favor a legislative vote that approves this attack on access to justice. Let them do their little fight, it's okay. On this side we prepare the civic column of the Broad Front for Mexico, the pink force who wants democracy, prosperity and peace for this country.

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