Claudia distances herself from Martí 2023/11/02

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The clarification of Marti Batres about the audio in which he allegedly asks to use journalists to lower to Omar Hamid García Harfuchand publish surveys that bring Clara Marina Brugada still virtual tie In Morena's process, there is more depth than one wants to see.

On Tuesday, an audio circulated on social networks in which a voice identical to that of the substitute head of Government can be heard, speaking on the phone with someone, to whom he tells that the candidate asked him to stop supporting clearbut that she “is not seeing the whole picture.”

He also tells her that they have two weeks to raise the mayor of Iztapalapa and remove the former Secretary of Citizen Security from the candidacy for head of Government, betting that gender parity will force them to appoint a woman.

Although Batres He immediately came out to deny the audio, in the surroundings of Claudia Sheinbaum They consider it good. The official's reaction, stating that his voice was cloned Through artificial intelligence, he only confirmed their move.

And no one doubts that, having been Chief of Police, being in charge of intelligence areas, Omar Hamid You can access the most advanced equipment to find out where everyone is and what they're talking about; even find out who the call was made to, and if there are more recordings.

Since his arrival at the Old Town Hall, Batres began to work for his own interests, regardless of whether this would harm the project of Sheinbaum. He applied the: AndThe cat is gone, the mice can have a party.

It is not the first time that Marti is in the sights of Claudia, who never welcomed him being his replacement. She had no choice, after Rosa Icela Rodríguezfederal secretary of Public Security, will refuse to replace her.

It is worth remembering that, one morning, Andrés Manuel López Obrador confessed that Rosa Icela He had two “very interesting” offers to leave his position, but he decided to stay with him until the end.

One offer was Adam Augusto Lopez, to replace him in the Government; the other, from Sheinbaum, as his replacement in the capital government; The federal official declined both.

It was like this Marti He sneaked into City Hall, and immediately showed why the doctor didn't trust him.

They say that in addition to promoting the candidacy of Brugadaplays to deepen the internal division so that, in the event that Omar Hamid be a candidate, arrive as weakened as possible.

Regardless of whether the audio is true, what is clear is that the head of Government is seen in his party as a divisive element, and now it will be more difficult for them to let pass Brugadabecause it would strengthen him.

It seems that, in the end, the favor that Marti did to Clarita.

The mayor has made so much noise Lia Lemon against the PAN deputies, accusing them of not having defended her in Donceles when Morena denied her permission to take a 30-day leave from office, which already made several people fed up. They say yes Lia If she is unhappy with the party that nominated her in Álvaro Obregón, she can ultimately leave office to seek the head of Government, and then give the candidacy for that district to someone else. Some even begin to mention Mariana Gomez del Campowhich was even already delegated to Miguel Hidalgo and which—like Lia— is also at the heart of Xochitl Galvez. Will the mayor continue to play tricks, especially now that the PAN has shown that in CDMX they will go with a man? In one of those she can lose everything.

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