Classic female Guadalajara with the same story; Atlas can't beat Chivas

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A match with social overtones for the city of Guadalajara was resolved in favor of Chivas, who overcame Atlas.

What should be a passionate classic between the two most important football institutions in Guadalajara It remained in a sketch when the Liga MX He proposed that it be played on Thursday so as not to hinder the television schedules of the men's league that starts today.

Spaces that do not change between men and women and the punishment of the fans was that only a quarter of the Jalisco stadium was occupied.

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He Atlas However, he had no objection to emphasizing his offensive game quickly and after 45 seconds a shot on a corner kick ended in a goal.

It was Karla Zempoalteca who surprised everyone when in the small and unmarked area she touched the ball with her head to send it to the back.

But Chivas responded 20 minutes later with a great scissors goal from Adriana Iturbide which was the sign of resurrection because soon the red and white team found their usual team play.

From Alicia Licha Cervantes The threat of a comeback began when he began to play with his eternal companion blindfolded. Carolina Jaramillo with which they several times dangerously stepped into the area of ​​the increasingly weak red and black.

The goalkeeper Daniela Solera It began to be demanded severely while its defense and midfield let almost everything pass. At this point in the game the dominance of the Chivas It was evident to such a degree that a goal was disallowed for being offside by Iturbide.

But shortly after, an overflow by Jaramillo on the right wing ended with a pincer play that Licha Cervantes culminated as always, reaching 15 goals in the tournament and giving Chivas the victory in a Clásico from Guadalajara without people.



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